Kitchen Renovation Desperately Needed

By February 9, 2017 No Comments

The Interval House Kitchen is truly the heart of our home. It’s a place where moms and kids come together to share a meal, as well as laughter and tears. Used at least three times a day to cook meals for up to thirty people over the last 10 years, our “heart” is in desperate need of some tender loving care!

When we moved into this house 10 years ago, the kitchen received some cosmetic and accessibility upgrades, but the foundation and many of the appliances were left untouched. The existing walk-in fridge and freezer, along with our grease traps, are well over 50 years old. As you can imagine, they’re no longer in good repair.

The grease trap regularly overflows, damaging masonry and flooring—and spreading foul smells throughout the kitchen and program areas. The fridge and freezer break down frequently, creating food waste and increased expenses. Plus, our stove needs replacing.

Women and children fleeing domestic violence desperately need a solid foundation to rebuild their lives. Our kitchen forms the very centre of that foundation: for the women who cook the nightly meal, for the volunteer groups who occasionally come and cook for them, and for the children who come in search of nourishment.

That’s why our kitchen desperately needs an overhaul! Our goal is to significantly renovate the kitchen as soon as possible so that future families can truly enjoy the space and home cooked meals, just like the families that came before them.

The cost of a complete kitchen renovation will be $400,000. With care and maintenance, the new kitchen will last another 25 years or more! That’s 25 more years we can nourish women and chidlren along their journey of healing, with tenderly homecooked food and communal conversation. We think it’s worth it, and we hope you will too.

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