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Rent Subsidy Program (RSP)

Why we created this program

Finding safe and affordable housing is one of the biggest challenges facing women who have fled intimate partner violence (IPV), especially with high rental prices and low vacancy rates.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new Rent Subsidy Program (RSP) which provides crucial support to select participants in our Building Economic Self-Sufficiency (BESS) program. By removing the most significant barrier—lack of affordable and safe housing—we can help participants stay focused on gaining meaningful employment.

RSP has already been successfully tested as a pilot program, and we’re thrilled to extend it to even more participants to help them on their journey to economic self-sufficiency and independence.

Want to learn more about our BESS program? Explore BESS on our website.

About the Rent Subsidy Program

Our Rent Subsidy Program is available to select participants from BESS, a program that focuses on attaining, retaining, and upgrading employment, accessing housing, and counselling.

Based on our evaluation and learnings from our three-year pilot, we believe that this holistic approach, which includes a rent subsidy of up to $1000 per month, will have the greatest impact and increase the rates of success for RSP participants.

Our Goals

RSP strives to support abused women in securing safe and affordable housing so they can focus on advancing their employment opportunities. Our ultimate goal is to help participants achieve greater financial stability and develop their economic self-sufficiency empowering them to build a brighter future for themselves, free from the cycle of abuse.

Interested in supporting our Rent Subsidy Program?

Please contact Katie Mosher, Senior Advisor, Partnership & Sustainability at or 416-924-1411 ext. 237.

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