Interval House
Strategic Plan

A place for safety. A voice for change

Interval House is Canada’s first centre for women survivors of intimate partner violence and their children. Founded in 1973 by a feminist collective, Interval House has always had a pioneering spirit, taking a holistic approach to helping women and children leave abuse behind and start new lives, free of violence.

Interval House’s organizational effectiveness is grounded in its historical development as well as its organizational vision, mission, values, and culture. In achieving its strategic directions and operational outcomes, Interval House is guided by the philosophy, roles, and responsibilities of the Executive Team in partnership with the Board.

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As Canada’s first shelter for women and children experiencing abuse, we remain trailblazers in the campaign for women’s empowerment and independence, providing innovative, specialized and transformative services that help to break the cycle of intimate partner violence.


We envision a world without intimate partner violence against women and their children.


Safety, confidentiality, accountability, collaboration, responsiveness, integrated services, awareness, diversity and independence.

Interval House Strategic Priorities

  1. Strategic Direction Successfully Operating in a Constantly Changing Environment

    Strategic Goals Interval House demonstrates resilience and adaptability, learning from experience by establishing operations that are effective given the changing environment.

  2. Strategic Direction Assuring Quality and Impact

    Strategic Goals Further develop the organizational infrastructure through evaluation to support the Interval House mission, vision and values.

  3. Strategic Direction Foster Organizational Growth and Innovation

    Strategic Goals Interval House capitalizes on its research and development capacity and leverages its resources to further innovate in the fulfillment of its mandate and goals.

  4. Strategic Direction Fulfill Our Role as a Social Change Agent

    Strategic Goals Increase community awareness, public education and understanding of intimate partner violence, our programs and services, and ways the community can support our mission.