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Interval House highlights a somber birthday


Interval House and DonerNorth wins two Silver awards and a Bronze award for the Bruised Fruit Campaign at the International Epica Awards

Interval House and DonerNorth wins three Gold awards for the Bruised Fruit Campaign at the Media Innovation Awards in Canada

Bruised Fruit Campaign wins Silver at the 2022 CMA Awards

Bruised Fruit Campaign won Bronze in the 2022 Clio Awards

Bruised Fruit Campaign won 3 AToMiC Awards- GOLD in Experiential Engagement, Silver in Out-of-Home and Bronze in Niche Targeting

CBC: Family lawyer of woman abducted in Wasaga Beach questions if police took her safety seriously. “She needs to have that safety plan put into place,” said Paula Del Cid Shelter Services Manager at Interval House. “They could have connected her with safe shelters.”

CBC:  VIDEO: Elnaz Hajtamiri was abducted from her relatives’ home in Wasaga Beach, Ont., in January.  Forward to 14:00 to watch her story and 16m:30s to see Paula Del Cid, Interval House Shelter Services Manager explain the importance of support services available at shelters for women in crisis.


Cityline: Interval House’s Ways to Live/ Ways to leave website covertly helps women leave abusive relationships

Marketing Awards: Gold Public Service Online and Silver Public Service Direct for Union Creative & Interval House’s Ways to Live/ Ways to leave website

International Cannes Lions Award: Silver Media and Silver Creative Strategy for Union Creative & Interval House for Freedom Tampons campaign


CBC Radio: The pandemic is making it harder for women and children suffering abuse to leave their homes and their abusers

Applied Arts Awards: Best Website/Microsite. The Way to Live looks like a regular lifestyle site. But when a woman holds down the ESCAPE key, it turns into ‘The Way to Leave’, a resource that helps women leave their abusers safely.

Effie Awards: Positive Change – Social – Non-Profit. Gold Award to Union Creative and Interval House for Freedom Tampons campaign.


The Tyee: The Unsung Heroes Who Created Canada’s First Women’s Shelters

Strategy Awards: Interval House, Union Creative, and the Freedom Tampons take home silver

Toronto Star: Dr. Elana Fric-Shamji’s murder exposes dangers women face ending relationships, advocates say on eve of killer’s sentencing

Shopper Innovation Awards: Interval House, Union Creative, and The Broken Bridal Registry take home gold 

AToMiC Awards: Interval House, Union Creative, and The Broken Bridal Registry take home bronze 

Refinery 29: How Smart Home Systems & Tech Have Created A New Form Of Abuse


Toronto Storeys: This Secret Women’s Shelter In Toronto Helps Abused Women. Here’s Anna’s True Story

Global Morning: The Broken Bride Registry

Strategy: Interval House sets up a booth at a wedding show

Exposure: The Broken Bride Registry

Free Opt: This Tireless Wedding Registry Surprised Guests At A Wedding Show With Artifacts Of Abuse

Boston Mail: Confrontational Bridal Booths – Interval House’s The Broken Bride Registry Confronts Domestic Abuse

Trend Hunter: Interval House’s The Broken Bride Registry Confronts Domestic Abuse

Clube de Criacao: The Broken Bride Registry

Shoot: Top Spot of the Week: Kat Webber Directs “Broken Bride” Video For Interval House, Toronto Agency UNION

Shots: Spousal Violence Makes a Surprise Appearance at Bridal Show

The Stable: Union Toronto & Interval House: A Bridal Registry For Tomorrow’s Abuse Victims

Adweek: This Unnerving Wedding Registry Surprised Bridal Show Attendees With Artifacts of Abuse

AdAge: This shocking bridal show stall reveals the horrors of domestic abuse

CBC Radio: How domestic abusers are leveraging technology to harass and control

CTV News: Broken Brides Share Stories of Partner Abuse

She Does the City: Link Coalition Toronto Fosters The Pets Of Survivors Fleeing Domestic Violence

Samaritan Mag: Miss Globe Uses Name for Karebear Community Party at Thompson Toronto

Link Toronto: Partners in Pet Safety: Interval House and Link Toronto

Toronto Star: Why is homeless a dirty word?


Toronto Star: Women, learn your history, or be forced to repeat it

The Globe and Mail – Femicide in our own backyard: We need to wake up and take it seriously

Liberty Lane Inc.: Barriers to Employment for Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence: A Student Blog Post

TVO: Think abused women should ‘just leave’? Then give them somewhere to go

The Spec: The story of Canada’s first women’s shelter

CityNews: Resources for survivors of sexual assault

CBC Radio: Meet one of the pioneers behind Canada’s first shelter for abused women

Peterborough Examiner: Peterborough YWCA’s Lynn Zimmer and Canada’s first women’s shelter

Toronto Star: How a group of young feminists opened Canada’s first shelter for abused women and children

CBC Radio: Insurance denies claim after ex-husband burns woman’s house down

CBC News: ‘How many times can I lose everything?’: Insurance claim denied after woman’s spouse sets fire to bedroom

Cosmopolitan: When These Guys Talk About “The One That Got Away,” They’re Really Talking About Domestic Abuse

She Does the City: Know The Signs Of Abuse: One Woman’s Dark Journey To Interval House

Adweek: Men Pine for ‘the One That Got Away’ in Valentine’s Day Ad That Quickly Turns Dark

Strategy: The story behind ‘the one that got away’

The Globe and Mail: When ‘the one that got away’ was escaping domestic abuse


CBC News: Leaving relationship is ‘most dangerous time’ for domestic violence victims, experts say

The Globe and Mail: Lives lived: Greg O’Neill, 62

Toronto Star: Ottawa to start collecting data on women’s shelters

Torontoist: How Women Facing Violence Struggle to Access Safe Housing

The Globe and Mail: Manitoba passes law to offer victims of domestic violence leave from work

CityNews Video: New provision allows domestic abuse victims to break rental leases

Toronto Star: Ontario housing benefit to aid women fleeing domestic violence

First private sector-sponsored housing program for abused women set to expand Domestic Violence Poll Uncovers Concerning Insights About Way Many Ontarians Think

CityNews: Study by Interval House reveals massive victim blaming

680 News: Nearly half of Ontario men believe victims of abuse are to blame

Metro News: Poll measures attitudes on abuse


Global News: Reaction to sexual misconduct in the military comments by Gen. Tom Lawson

Global News: Toronto man, 51, charged with murder in death of ex-girlfriend

Huffington Post: Violence Against Mothers is Not a Single Victim Crime

CityNews: New poll reveals disturbing domestic abuse numbers

CTV News: Protecting Moms against Domestic Abuse

Global News: Domestic Violence against Mothers

Strategy News: Yes we Cannes: Campaigns for a cause

Global News: Domestic abuse survivor urges others to intervene

Toronto Star: Wynne’s welcome plan to challenge violence against women

AM630 CHED The Ryan Jespersen Show: Domestic Violence

Humber News: Taking a stand against domestic violence

Toronto Sun: Quarter of Ontarians blame victims of domestic violence: Poll

The Sarnia Observer: Quarter of Ontarians blame victims of domestic violence: Poll

Global News: Nearly a quarter of Ontarians still blame victims of domestic abuse

Huffington Post: Why I’m Disturbed by the Results of This Domestic Violence Poll in Ontario

CTV News: One in three men blame victims of domestic abuse, poll finds

CBC Metro Morning: Domestic Violence

Global News: Perception of Domestic Violence


Sun News: The ugly side of technology (OFFLINE)

The Star: Toronto woman’s troubles turned around by unique housing program

Global News: Domestic abuse victim details difficulties of navigating legal system

Globe & Mail: Will the dialogue about abuse translate into financial support?

Upworthy: Watch this Video to the Very End. I am Glad I did.

CNN: Interval House interviewed for feature story: “Meredith Vieira explains #whyIstayed

Huffington Post: The Critical Steps a Woman Must Take Before Leaving and Abusive Relationship

CityTV: Women’s shelter creates alternate ending for infamous Ray Rice elevator video

Fast Company: This elevator video for a women’s shelter has a better ending than that other elevator video

Metro: Women’s shelter creates alternate version of Ray Rice Elevator video

680 News: Women’s shelter creates alternate ending for infamous Ray Rice elevator video

Strategy Magazine: Changing the conversation on Domestic Violence

CKNW Jon McComb show: He for She Campaign

CBC News: September 19th commentary on Ray Rice controversy

Huffington Post: Why you shouldn’t watch the Ray Rice video


The Globe and Mail: Shelter ad warns about high-tech abuse

Global News: Canadian women’s shelter launches ‘high tech abuse’ awareness campaign

Fast Company: Your friendly iPhone is a tool for domestic abuse in new PSA


The Star: Ontario’s rent supplement program to change

The Star: Rent supplements urged to help women escaping domestic violence


Infinite Possibilities for Survivors of Abuse

The Broken Bride Registry

Her Home Housing Project

Men talk about the one that got away

The Elevator Video that should have gone viral

Technology has changed but violence against women hasn’t

Press Releases

June 1, 2017 in Press Releases

Abuse Survivors Face Unique Barriers to Success, Study Says

Interval House Toronto Improves Programming Based on the Intersecting Barriers Faced by Survivors of Abuse TORONTO, June 12, 2017 - Interval House Toronto commissioned a study to examine the challenges faced by…
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March 1, 2016 in Press Releases

New study by Interval House shows 37% of Ontarians blame victims for not leaving abuse

Toronto, ON – March 1, 2016 – The high-profile celebrity abuse cases in 2015 have resulted in a swell of public conversation about the issue of violence against women. While the…
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May 6, 2015 in Press Releases

1 in 6 Canadians reveal their Mother was a Victim of Domestic Abuse

A new study by Interval House shines a spotlight on violence against mothers. Toronto, ON – May 6, 2015 – This Mother’s Day we will celebrate the sacrifices made by the…
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March 4, 2015 in Press Releases

Are Ontarians Apathetic to Domestic Violence?

NEW STUDY BY INTERVAL HOUSE SHOWS 24% BLAME THE VICTIM AND ONLY 58% WOULD INTERVENE IF ABUSE DISCLOSED. Toronto, ON – March 4, 2015 – The highly publicized celebrity abuse cases…
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