Success Story

Interval House changed our lives

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Mother and three children smiling

“I arrived at Interval House as a young boy in the early 1990’s. As a new, immigrant family, my mother, siblings and I were alone with very little support.

Interval House was fundamental to our family establishing a new life in Canada – essentially in starting over. Their offer of support was almost like being given a second chance and my family took that opportunity gladly.

I was too young at the time to have been impacted as greatly as my mother and older siblings had been by the abusiveness of our previous life. But consequently, they benefitted the most from the counselling and support they received from Interval House.

That’s not to say I benefitted any less. The support Interval House was able to offer my siblings translated into the support they were able to offer me – especially my mom, and the support she was able to offer all of us.

It wasn’t easy to establish a new life after leaving Interval House.

Today, initiatives such as the BESS program give families the ability to become self-reliant. Interval House is able to provide a complete tool-kit to help families like mine establish their new lives.

Interval House definitely gave us the possibility to establish a new life and for that I am very grateful. Without the help of Interval House and its donors, our family’s future would not have been as bright as it is now.

One of my siblings is now finishing a PhD in medical school and I was able to complete my undergraduate degree in economics and finance. I am currently attending law school and expect to graduate in 2015.”

Interval House former child resident

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