Debunking Myths: New Ad Campaign Challenges Perceptions

By July 25, 2017 No Comments

When a partner in a romantic relationship is controlling and possessive, it’s not charming or passionate—it’s a sign of abuse. And knowing when it’s time to “get away” can be a much more complex decision than many people realize.

Not everyone understands—like you probably do—that women facing abuse may still be very much in love with their partners, and want to protect them. We know that survivors often rationalize their situations. We hear about abusers who appear to be perfectly sweet, honest and supportive—some of the time.

Interval House always aims to educate people about what abusive relationships really look like. We hope to encourage women who are currently in abusive situations to recognize what’s happening, and to leave the violence behind. We also hope to share this understanding with the wider populations so that people can identify when loved ones may be in dangerous relationship dynamics.

That’s why we launched our latest public service announcement (PSA) in time for Valentine’s Day, a time when people are surrounded by sensational messages of love and romance. Our PSA focuses on a key statistic: that it takes an average of five attempts for a woman to leave an abusive partner.

This is something Interval House donors like you have understood for a long time. Together, we’ve spent four decades helping women be “the one that got away.” You can check the PSA out here.

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