A Lifetime of Giving

By February 8, 2018 No Comments

When Mahen Thacker was a young boy growing up in India, his mother taught him a very valuable lesson: the importance of giving to others.

“My father used to give her money for household expenses, and she would give some to me and say ‘Go do some charity work,’” Mahen explains.

And it wasn’t just her children she was teaching. “Everybody respected her and they would sit on our verandah and ask for her advice. She would tell them, ‘There are many people who are more disadvantaged, and if we can help them, we should.’”

Mahen’s mother taught him to give at least 10% of his income to charity. It’s a lesson he’s never forgotten.

Now a retired engineer living in Toronto, Mahen is an active philanthropist and an Interval House donor. Even though he has no personal connection with women and children fleeing intimate partner violence, he strongly believes in supporting women through the work of Interval House. He’s even left a gift for Interval House in his Will, and has passed his mother’s lesson about giving generously down to his own children.

“Interval House gives women confidence and helps them get an apartment and a job,” he says. “It’s important to support women and give them these opportunities. And they will pass their strength and courage on to their children.”

Mahen is living proof you don’t need a personal connection to a cause to help people in need. All you need is empathy and the desire to do good and make a lasting difference.

Whatever your motivation for supporting Interval House, thank you for helping women and children live lives free of violence.

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