Q&A with Noel Pang: Interval House’s Run Ambassador

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noel standing in front of a tree

Noel is an Interval House Run Ambassador for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. He’ll be running the half-marathon to raise funds for Interval House. We were able to get in touch with Noel, and find out more about why he chose Interval House as his charity of choice.

Why did you decided to run the half-marathon?

The reason I chose the half marathon originally was because I was trying to get my younger sister to start running further distances. So right now she’s running 5 kilometers every few days.

That’s how I ended up in half-marathon versus the full, which would have been a little intimidating for her.

What is your personal running goal for the race? Do you have time you’re aiming for?

I’ve run three half-marathons but this year, I’m not going for time. This year, the way I’m raising money for Interval House is that for each amount that I reach, I will wear a piece of my uniform because I’m a paramedic. If I reach my goal of $1000, I will wear my steel toe boots which are really hard to run in. So for this race, I’m just hoping to finish it.

Why did you choose Interval House as your charity of choice to run for your half-marathon?

I like how Interval House is a small charity. And I just love how they’re a shelter that is not just for women, but also for women AND their children. So you’re protecting them from being abused, and removing them from unsafe environments. You’re also keeping them as a family so that the kids can grow up knowing that their mom was there. I just love how it’s not just a shelter where people go to stay, but it’s a place for women to get the tools they need to get jobs later on and break the cycle of abuse.

Do you have anyone in your life who you consider a role model?

I would say my mom, because when she had my sister and I, she stopped working but took care of our education.  And even though English was her second language, she made sure to keep teaching us English, and always encouraged us to take care of people around us.

What’s your personal fundraising goal to support Interval House?

If I reach $200, I run the whole race in my uniform’s tactical shirt and pants, if I reach $500, I add on my helmet and safety vest, if I reach $1000 I wear steel-toe boots.

Do you think you’ll be able to finish the race in your steel-toe boots?

I think so. I spoke to another paramedic who ran 10 kilometres in full uniform with boots and he said it was difficult but do-able.

Do you any advice for other runners, especially first-time runners?

Really enjoy the run. This type of run there will be people along the way, and water stations. So really soak in the energy which will distract you from the distance. Enjoy the experience.

You can support Noel by donating to his personal page here or on Interval House’s donation page.

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