Mother’s Day at Interval House

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Sunday, May 14th will mark Mother’s Day in North America. It’s the day we celebrate the women who care for us, love us, support us, and stand by us. Every mother is unique, as are the ways that we celebrate moms around the world. In Australia, mothers, aunts, and grandmothers receive beautiful red carnations or chrysanthemums. In Brazil, some families host multi-generational barbecues to honour and celebrate their mothers. Ethiopia takes 3 days to celebrate their mothers with the Antrosht festival at the end of the autumn rainy season.

At Interval House Mother’s Day is a huge celebration too! We always have mothers staying here with their children, and the residents without children are always offering help and support. Here we have one big, blended family, and mothers are the foundation. The children staying here make Mother’s Day cards in the Children’s Program, and volunteer groups come to the shelter to lead fun activities and cook dinner for the residents.  Our residents take turns cooking dinner for up to 30 people every night, so this is a wonderful break for them. On Mother’s Day we are especially excited to give the mothers their gifts and show them how much they are appreciated and valued.

Culturally, when we think of the definition of a mother, we think of the one that loves us unconditionally, puts our needs before her own and is the one we can count on above everyone else. This definitely describes the mothers at Interval House. Their bravery and strength are undeniable. They have made the difficult and scary decision to leave abusive partners in order to make better lives for themselves and their children. For these women, this Mother’s Day will be the start of a new tradition and celebration.  Here, they are safe and supported, and are able to care for and love their children without the constant fear of abuse hanging over them. They’re able to take a break and relax. Some of them have been mothers for years, but this Mother’s Day will be unlike any other because this year, it will truly be about celebrating them.

Why not celebrate your mother this year by giving a gift in her honour to the mothers of Interval House?

With your generous donation we can continue to offer essential services to survivors of intimate partner violence and their children, such as 24 hour counselling for moms and kids. Through our employment and housing services, mothers are empowered to become self-sufficient and build safe futures for themselves and their children.

Let’s stand united in the campaign to end violence against women. Let’s celebrate the courage and determination of mothers that have chosen to break the cycle of abuse.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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