Gillian Stewart: an inspirational donor

By June 13, 2018 No Comments

Gillian Stewart is a compassionate and inspiring donor who gives out of a love for the women and children starting their lives over at Interval House.

Gillian describes her own childhood as very unusual. She knew both her parents, but was raised by her grandmother. She rarely saw her father, and her mother tragically took her own life when Gillian was just 12 years old. Gillian knows grief and confusion.

“If life deals you bad cards,” she says, “you can go negative and resentful, and never want to do something nice because people haven’t been nice to you. Or you can go the other way: you have to keep on being alive in your heart, in your soul, to know that good things must come to people.”

Gillian cares deeply about the women and children at Interval House. To show her support, she started out giving small amounts a few times a year, whatever she could manage. Last year, she decided to become a monthly donor, so the families at Interval House could count on her regular, ongoing support.

Gillian summarizes the vision and heart of Interval House in one wise statement: “When a woman walks through your doors, those first steps back to self-respect are the footprints paving the way for the future that lies ahead.”

Donors like Gillian make it possible for us to help women rediscover their dignity and self-confidence as they work toward a better future for themselves and their children. We’re so grateful to Gillian and all donors who give so generously.

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