Bobi & Anne: Turning their retail knowledge into a new start for women

By June 16, 2016 No Comments
Bobi and Anne in the clothing boutique

The first time Anne and Bobi came to Interval House, they were part of a corporate volunteer group that volunteered for a day around the holidays. In addition to decorating and cooking a big family meal, they toured the house and heard stories about women who had the courage to leave an abusive home—women who were brave enough to start their lives from scratch, caring for their children alone.

The experience moved Anne and Bobi to want to do more. Help was desperately needed in the donation room—the rather un-glamorous and exhausting job of sorting and organizing all the huge cumbersome bags of gently used clothing, shoes and purses that come in the door each week. No wonder no one wanted to do it!

But together they took on the challenge, bit by bit. With their knowledge of retail operations and skills in merchandising, they were able to envision a more efficient, appealing space that’s more like a real boutique—displaying the hand-picked selection of items to make it easier for women to find clothes that not only fit, but also make them feel good when they were ready to go out into the world.

Volunteering together every week, Anne and Bobi say they get tremendous satisfaction from their contribution. Like so many Interval House supporters, they say how great it feels to know they are helping women take the next step in their lives in a positive direction.

If you’d like to donate gently used clothing or other items for the women and children of Interval House, please email or call 416-924-1411 ext. 256 to schedule an appointment.  

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