Interval House launches the Bruised Fruit Campaign

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At a time when women were stuck at home with their abusers, Interval house was determined to raise awareness around IPV and get crisis information into the hands of women in a discreet and effective manner. In 2021, the Bruised Fruit campaign was launched in grocery stores. Interval House utilized the produce section of local grocery stores to give away what seemed like free “bruised” fruit. Each fruit had a produce sticker with facts about IPV and information on getting help.

About Bruised Fruit

Interval House Newsletter, October 2021

Interval House creates The Way to Live/The Way to Leave website

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During the pandemic, women were trapped at home with their abusers with nowhere to turn for help. Interval House needed to find a way to connect them with critical information on escaping abuse without their abuser’s knowledge. We created The Way to Live/The Way to Leave website.

The Way to Live website looks like a regular lifestyle site with fashion and style articles, but press the escape key, and it turns into ‘The Way to Leave’ website, a resource that helps women leave their abusers safely.

Interval House launches Broken Bride registry at Toronto Bridal Show

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Many women who have experienced intimate partner violence report that the abuse escalated soon after they get married. To raise awareness of these statistics and to bring these heartbreaking, real-life stories to life, Interval House showcased the Broken Bride Registry at Toronto’s Bridal Show.

Stories from the Broken Bride Registry

Interval House Winter 2019 Newsletter

The Broken Bride Registry

The Morning Show, Global News

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