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Virtual Counselling Services Pilot Project

Why we created this project

We recognize that there are various reasons why women experiencing intimate partner violence (IPV) may be unable to leave abusive situations, and counselling plays a vital role in helping them understand the dynamics of abuse, identify healthy relationships, address the psychological impact of IPV, and acquire key skills to break free from the cycle of abuse.

Since opening our doors in 1973, we have been committed to seeking innovative ways to offer holistic support to women who have experienced IPV at all stages of their journey, while also striving to expand our reach to help women beyond the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

The pandemic emphasized the need to reduce barriers, including physical limitations, to ensure more women could access our crisis programs and counselling services.

Virtual counselling is an effective solution to reducing these barriers. It offers quick and easy access to our services by requiring only an internet connection and a phone line.

About the Virtual Counselling Services Pilot Project

Our first province-wide launch, the Virtual Counselling Services Pilot Project aims at offering holistic support to women who have experienced or are currently experiencing intimate partner violence (IPV).

The pilot project provides free, virtual counselling to survivors of intimate partner violence across Ontario who are seeking short-term, ongoing support.

Our program offers individualized counselling to meet each woman’s unique needs and support her wherever she wants help. Our counselling approach is entirely tailored to each participant to best support her on her journey to healing and empowerment.

Our Goals

Our goal is to provide barrier-free access to IPV counselling to women across the province allowing them to benefit from Interval House’s expertise in this sector. We aim to support these women in healing and rebuilding their lives, providing a safe and compassionate space to overcome their trauma and reach their goals.

Importantly, the pilot program will enable women who are undecided or unsure about leaving an abusive relationship to get the counselling they want to make the best possible decision for their future.

Interested in supporting our Virtual Counselling Services Pilot Project?

Please contact Katie Mosher, Senior Advisor, Partnership & Sustainability, at or 416-924-1411 ext. 237.

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